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Our fine and dry wool is spun and dyed in 220 colors in Aubusson. Note that we gave them names of flowers, plants, animals... and not numbers which are impersonal and evoke nothing. These color names are our property and have been created especially for us by Hervé Lelong, cartoon designer in Aubusson.

Our wools are suitable for needlework as well as for loom tapestry. They can be used for crewelwork, knitting or restoration work.

. Aubusson fine wool® color chart

220 colors

le nuancier qui peut vous être expédié en prêt
220 wool colors presented thematically, and 16 linen colors, as well as our mono and penelope canvas. Plus two pages on which Véronique suggests wool and linen associations (for instance : linen moka et wool Noisette 6).

Available as a color photocopied document. Order it by mail. Include a cheque and do not forget to state your postal address.
35 €, handling and shipping included

. some useful information :

Several threads are used in a single needleful ; they can be mixed for the obtention of a mottled or shaded effect. The color Cœur 2 is available brindled (tavelé). A brindled wool is dipped in two slightly different dyebaths, which produces an irregular shading.
Our wools are degreased, mothproofed, air and light resistant.

Cut once, a hank yields needlefuls about 150 cm in length (allowing for the knot, 145 cm useful length). This fine wool whose strands are tightly twisted can stand multiple passages through the canvas, so you will stop less often. It is useful and economical when stitching backgrounds.

As a rule you will need about 1200 g to cover a square meter. Some very experienced stitchers would need less than a kilogram !
In petit point, a four thread needleful will cover approximately the surface of the first phalanx of your thumb placed on the canvas.

To figure how much you need :
a small rectangular footstool requires about two 100g hanks,
a chair, three hanks,
an armchair, Louis XV or Louis XVI for example, six hanks.

fleur de Delphinium
The Delphinium range
écheveaux de laine de la gamme de couleurs delphinium

Note : If you used to stitch with Medicis wools, which are no longer available, you will be pleased to discover these fine and strong wools to carry through your projects..