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In association with wool linen brings light, as silk does, but it is much stronger. A linen tapestry does not wear off. Some stitchers use it not only for seats but also for knitting, and even to make lace ! Thanks to the outstanding quality of our linen you will be able to use it for all your projects without running the risk of being disappointed.
Tip : use a frame, and a needle slightly thicker than the one you would use with wool on the same canvas. This will allow the linen to pass smoothly through the canvas holes without being ruffled.
A new color « ACIER » has been added to our range. Here it is used to stitch a fancy stitch.
Hereunder our 16 linen colors

Our linen is sold : ● in 100g hanks. ● in 50g hanks. ● retail by 15g.

     et new presentation
➤ in 3g skeins
     (≈26 m uncut)
écru (ecru) 
nuancier lin: écru
crème (cream) 
nuancier lin: crème
nuancier lin: isabelle
miel (honey) 
nuancier lin: isabelle
écureuil (squirrel) 
nuancier lin: écureuil
nuancier lin: moka
ébène (ebony) 
nuancier lin: ébène
fougère (fern) 
nuancier lin: fougère
nuancier lin acier
 acier (steel)
nuancier lin : azur
 azur (azure)
nuancier lin : lobélia
nuancier lin : céladon
nuancier lin souris
 souris (mouse grey)
nuancier lin groseille
nuancier lin rubis
 rubis (ruby)
nuancier lin lave
 lave (lava)
Don't forget when selecting your colors that their reproduction on a computer screen is never trustworthy. The end result depends on the make and the settings of your screen, and even on the angle under which you look at it ! Dyeing the linen being a tricky process an order may take some time to be fulfilled. Textile fibers being very susceptible to hygrometric conditions, the lengths and weights indicated are approximations. The maximum tolerance margin is 10%.